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FAA Licensed Drone Pilots, p107



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It started with love. A love for the ocean, for nature, for the silence only found in the wind rushing through trees. From a love of the outdoors, adventure, and art, a passion for photography was born. With a creative eye and a hand that loves sketching, a camera was picked up in search of new inspiration. Today, after years of exploring wild places we are here, Salt and Air Photography, specializing in personalized and innovative underwater and aerial imagery. Ranging from simple to complex shoots, we can capture your dreamy images using a wide range of equipment, painting the moment either through DSLR photographs, videos, or drone imagery.  

Our goal is to capture your one of kind moments into lifetime memories, in soft light that blends reality with surreal beauty. With much attention to detail, we aim to document and tell the story behind your every occasion; whether it be your engagement, wedding, family photo session, portrait session, or outdoor adventure, capturing the subtle emotion in every shot that gives still images life.

We are storytellers and visual artists that see the beautiful island of Kaua’i through a romantic and attentive lens, aiming to capture moments that will allow you to take a little piece of our home with you.





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FAA Licensed Drone Pilots, p107